About the project

Parking space occupancy detection module

Function description
  • Installed above the middle of the lane, it can detect whether the parking space on each side is occupied. Different colored lamp signal are displayed to guide drivers to vacant parking spaces.
  • When a vehicle is parked or leaves the parking space, the correct lamp signal can be displayed quickly within 5 seconds.
  • It can minimize the misjudgment caused by blocking due to pedestrians or vehicles passing.
  • The indicator light can be red, green, blue, purple, etc., up to 8 colors.
  • The detection module can identify the license plate number on the parking space, so that the vehicle owner can enter his/her vehicle number on the intelligent vehicle locating system to query the packing space where his/her vehicle is parked and the pickup route.
  • The backend administration system can be used to calculate the number of remaining vacant parking spaces in each area, and display it on the LED text display or LCD screen to guide the vehicle owner to the area with vacant parking spaces.