The token dispenser machine, token validation machine, and consumables for tokens are no longer needed, so both the equipment cost and maintenance cost are lower than traditional token management mode.

You can let the vehicle owner confirm the entry photo to pay and exit by the determination of license plate rules and fuzzy comparison.

It has low equipment cost and maintenance cost, and it is much easier to control the vehicles by license plates than tokens. The vehicle owner does not need to worry about losing the token as he/she does not need to keep it.

The vehicle owner only needs to enter and confirm the license plate number to pay. There is no need to insert a parking token, which prevents problems such as token reading failure, dirty token, and loss of token.

In addition to cash payment, the new type of pay station also provides increasingly popular electronic ticket and mobile payment. The most popular EasyCard, iPASS, iCash card, and LINE pay are available, which is not only convenient, but also saves the operation time of cash payment.

With our remote monitoring system, 90% of the problems can be solved in time remotely via the network. Reduce customer complaints and save management costs.

AI-RIDER parking management system provides various types of membership or tenant management functions, which not only can meet various needs, but also can set a blacklist to prohibit or a whitelist to allow the vehicle access.