About Us


AI-RIDER CORPORATION, founded in 2008, has focused on the integration R & D of software and hardware for commercial UAVs and intelligent parking solutions. The products developed by the company has been recognized continuously with Taiwan Excellence Awards, and they are not only used for the monitoring needs of various industries, but also used to assist a number of well-known parking management operators to achieve unmanned parking lot management.
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Reasons for choosing AI-RIDER parking management products

We have accumulated more than 10 years of parking management development experience.
We have assisted a number of parking management operators to import the system.
We feature self-developed one-stop parking management products
We provide only technical services, without involving in the business fields to compete with our customers.
R & D and engineering teams assist the customers to solve special needs.
AI-RIDER CORPORATION has been committed to intelligent parking lots and commercial UAVs with information technology for many years,
and has integrated practical industry experience in the software and hardware we developed,
so that we can provide total solutions for parking management and monitoring operators and reduce costs.
The company has not only accumulated a number of research and development patents, but also established deep learning models to continuously improve the AI recognition technology of images.

Pioneer in smart parking management

Provision of professional system services

Parking management or monitoring operators often have specific professional needs, which cannot be met by commercially available products.
As our products are self-developed, we can provide customized services to meet the special needs of our customers, and solve their problems. If you have any needs for parking management or real-time monitoring, please contact us!